Myopia (short-sighted) has increased significantly worldwide in the past 20 years. If myopia is in your family then it is important to have your children checked regularly to see if they too are developing it. Other factors have been shown to affect the risk of myopia. These include not enough time spent outdoors and too much time doing near vision tasks like i-pads and extensive reading.

Recent studies have suggested that fitting a multifocal contact lens in children can help slow down the progression of myopia by up to 60%. Spectacle lenses have also been developed to do the same job and are just as effective. This non invasive method may suit younger children.

High levels of myopia can lead to an increased risk of retinal detachment and glaucoma so these new developments really can be sight saving.

Catherine has a special interest in this area and has seen successful results from fitting both spectacle lenses and contact lenses. Contact lenses are safe to use by young people with careful adult supervision. An up-to-date sight test and contact lens appointment is required. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss this option.